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Mature german amateur anal

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Grojora 02.12.2020
I'm watching the evolving trainwreck of a thread started by the living incarnation of Canadian Politeness.
Zulurisar 07.12.2020
Exactly, it is dehumanizing to the boys that are taught it and is dangerous to the women they will interact with in the future. I remember a sociology study conducted once at a school. They IQ tested all of the children but gave them the results in reverse, telling the highest scorers they were the lowest and the lowest that they were the highest. The results were interesting. Those that were told they had a high IQ did better in school, those that were told they had a low IQ did worse. If you tell people they can't do something, they may just believe you.
Yozragore 07.12.2020
Who is the lady that's railing 2:00?